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Testing The Definition of Contemporary Art

My art is about abstract expressionism. Each of my artworks is about creating a dialogue by what is conveyed on canvas. Each piece is an original abstract design that utilizes various colors, themes and mediums to convey an emotion. The objective behind each piece is about redefining how we look at ourselves. Regardless of whatever mediums we use, there should not be any boundaries or limits on how we express ourselves. No matter the color or shape, the world should be as we see it. Whatever the instrument, expression is about conveying a meaning, an emotion that depends on a person’s subjective point of view. I hope that when an individual sees my artwork, they see something about themselves that they otherwise never would have known existed.


I am a Native Angeleno. Born in Los Angeles, I grew up in historic Highland Park and attended the very diverse Franklin High School. I’m a Sonoma State University Alumnus. I have a Post Graduate education with a Juris Doctorate. I have been employed in the legal field for over 15 years.

In 2012, I pursued my long-time passion for Contemporary Art. Throughout the years, I have participated in the following art exhibitions: Downtown LA Art Walk, the Brentwood Art Festival, Healdsburg Art Festival RAW Los Angeles and RAW San Francisco. I’ve also held an art exhibition at the Honey Badger Cafe in Sonoma Wine Country. In 2018, two artworks were gifted to the RTR4C [Rooms that Rock for Chemo] in San Francisco. RTR4C is an organization responsible for transforming chemotherapy treatment facilities to encourage healing and hope for those affected by cancer.  I am a 2015 – 2016 Inductee into the International Association of Women [fka NAPW: National Association of Professional Women] VIP Woman of the Year Circle. I was also awarded the Tier of Excellence Award from Oxford Who’s Who.  Also, I am Canon RAISE Photography Champion.

In addition to that, I love meeting new people. So please , don’t be shy. Feel free to say hello.  I am currently on social media sites. You can reach me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You also contact me via email at Christine@ChristinesModArt.com. Please feel free to give me a like or a follow on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your support.

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