Making Promises





Happiness (Hope)
Happiness (Hope)

“Look for something Positive everyday, even if some days you have to look longer to find it.”

I made a promise to God that I would take better care of myself. Can you make that promise to yourself? Part of taking care of ourselves is to look for something positive in each day, no matter how long we have to look to find it. In today’s society, it is easy to get bombarded with so much negativity. Even I have to admit that it is really unnerving. So unnerving, that I have to build a force field to protect myself from flying objects, like anger, disgust, hurt and sadness. We all want an ideal world but that world does not exist. With a little effort, we can find our way slowly in the realm of positivity. Within this realm, lies joy or inspiration in little things like prayer, wisdom quotes, exercise and funny animal videos. In today’s world, we must make an effort and choose to be positive. We must learn to train our brain to focus on the positive when everything tells us not to. Because you can’t get anywhere with negativity. No matter what, we must persevere with what life throws at us. Do not have a defeatist attitude. Keep going until you get to the road of positivity. Persevere and focus on that promise you made to yourself. You know, that promise you made to take better care of yourself. Draw positive good energy and spread it around. In doing so, you will create a ripple effect that will help others who are struggling also. Find that happy place and spread the love around. Everything might be chaotic in the world right now but nothing can take our inner joy and peace unless we let it. Without our permission, negativity has no power.  So, don’t give it permission. Focus on the positive. Don’t break that promise. You owe to yourself to make yourself happy. Don’t let life cheat you of the happiness you deserve. Even if you have to work hard to find it, you will find yourself smiling in the end.

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